They Keep Connected for Good Cause

The BCom batch that passed out in 2013 still keeps connected through humanitarian efforts for the needy locals near the campus.


Principal Dr. A.A.M Kunhi flagging off the Ramadan kit distribution.

Principal Dr. A.A.M Kunhi flagging off the Ramadan kit distribution.

Vazhayoor: The Ramadan kits the palliative unit of the campus distributed to the needy patients in Vazhayoor panchayat, a couple of days back, were more than about philanthropy. It tells the wonderful story of a group of youngsters, the BCom batch who bid adieu to the campus in 2013 March, still continuing its relationship with the campus and its good causes through their commitment and compassion. Through the palliative care unit working under the National Service Scheme, the alumni of BCom successfully distributed 20 Ramadan kits to paraplegic patients in the locality.

In spite of having scattered to different locations, from Bangalore to Dubai, this batch kept in touch and continued the tradition they started two years ago while they studied on the campus. Being together for a good cause is not about physically meeting every day, particularly in a digital age where one could be connected to friends all the time virtually. They were the first batch who took pain to organize a camp for paraplegic patients on SIAS campus; many of the students in the batch had visited palliative patients in their houses and had seen the needs they have. That was how they decided to go for a Ramadan kit three years before. It ran successfully and they managed to do it next year. This year also, they did not forget to come together and raise funds to make sure that their juniors continue the good tradition they launched. Principal Dr. A.A.M. Kunhi flagged off the Ramadan kit expedition and NSS Programme Officer Kamil sir guided the team. Representing the batch, Farjas and Sharik joined the palliative team of the campus and visited patients’ houses to distribute kits. This wonderful batch indeed gives hope, not only to this campus, but to wider humanity.


Rasheed Makes SIAS Proud Again

HARIS AMEEN appreciates Muhammed Rasheed for his literary achievements at C-zone and Interzone. 

Muhammed Rasheed TP, IV semester MA Islamic Studies

SIAS: Muhammed Rasheed TP keeps bringing accolades to the campus. After having secured the prestigious Sargaprathibha award at C-zone arts festival held in EMEA College Kondotty, he has recently come up with nine points in Interzone arts festival of Calicut University, including a first prize in Arabic story writing. Rasheed is a fourth semester student of MA Islamic Studies at SAFI Institute of Advanced Study. He is well-versed in Arabic and has proved his talent in the language many times before. To accomplish the title “Sargaprathibha” at C-zone arts festival, he scored 15 points for the college with first prizes in Arabic Essay, Arabic poem and Arabic story writing competitions. An ardent reader and enthusiastic student, he deserves the prizes and achievements he has had.

Rasheed, the second son of Muhammed and Rukiya, was born in 1989, at Chembulangad near Pattanmbi. He took his graduation in Sociology at Darul Huda Islamic University, Chemmad. He has been into creative writing for a long period and during his degree years, he published a collection of poems titled Chuvarezhuthukal Ormappeduthunnath in Malayalam. Rasheed has qualified the Junior Research Fellow (JRF) examination of the UGC in 2013 in his discipline Islamic Studies. He stood third in state level poem writing competition conducted by the Rubber Board, Kottayam in 2014. “My continuous preparations with a competitive mind give me inspiration and it has led to my victory in different contexts. I am also indebted to the versatile exposure I received on the Darul Huda Campus to stay focused in the field of academics and literature”, said Rasheed.

Rasheed has been dreaming to be a PhD scholar in near future to make his career as a professor; he is definitely on the way towards his goals.


Performances packed with Love and Passion

Ashwin KV Namboodiri reports the fruitful victory of SIAS drama teams once again in the Interzone Arts Fest, 2014. 

SIAS Drama team enjoys the happiness of another two performances on the stage. In such a short span of time, the team members of Malayalam and Hindi drama put their maximum effort to deliver a feel-good performance ahead and it found the fruit. Hindi drama bagged third prize in the Interzone Arts Fest 2014. The effective practice co-ordination of Nazrullah Khan, Lecturer at MCJ, happens to be a much appreciable factor adding on to the team members’ sincerity. 

A scene from Hindi drama
Photo Courtesy: V M Sadiqali

The realistic make over of students like Namsheer (BA Economics), Sneha (Bcom), Swathisree (MCJ), Fidhas (Bcom) and Chinnu Paul (MCJ) who did the lead roles in Malayalam and Hindi dramas respectively added to the aesthetic beauty of the on-stage performances. Members like Anees Chelari (art works), Jawad Hussain and Omar Muqtar (Lights), Fejin (Props), Rishad (Co-ordinator) are some of the names not to be forgotten for their fabulous support behind the curtain. Union chairman Basith and his colleagues were there with their whole-hearted support through out the practice and performance sessions.  


A scene from Malayalam drama
Photo Courtesy: V M Sadiqali


Haris Speaks to Win

ASHWIN KV NAMBOODIRI reports the achievement of HARISAMEEN in the Interzone Art Fest, 2014.


Harisameen, II semester MCJ

SIAS family feels proud of its artistic heritage once again when Harisameen, II semester MCJ, bags first prize for Arabic Elocution competition in the Interzone arts fest 2014, held at Government college, Malappuram. Sticking on to the topic Social Media and New Generation, Haris delivered an information packed session connecting various spheres such as youth trends in Indian election, Arab Spring, history of media (both mass and new media), different types of media activism, how to educate and cultivate values in the society, changes brought by social media in the society, and et al. Haris was awarded the first position out of nine candidates.

Shining Victory for SIAS in C-Zone

VEENA VP reports the joyous victories of SIAS students in 2014 C-Zone.

When the academic year fades away, SIAS family feels proud and honoured to think of the victorious moments in the 2014 C-Zone fest held at EMEA college, Kondotty. After the tiresome performances of three days till 4th February, 2014, when the SIAS team bid an abrupt goodbye to the fest – after an unfortunate violence from the part of certain groups in the hosting campus – the SIAS team stood fourth, with glittering victories in various items. The awards bagged for Hindi drama (First), English drama (Second) and Malayalam drama (Second) are real appreciations for the stagecraft and hard work of SIAS students.


A scene from Malayalam drama: Photo VM Sadique Ali

The most striking news was that Rashid (MA Islamic Studies) secured maximum points in off-stage items and became Sarga Prathibha. While Omar Mukthar M Sha (BBA) and Ferin (BCom) secured the best actor prizes in English drama, Reema (BCom) was awarded with the best actor female in Malayalam drama. After a tight contest in mono act competition, Swarga Varghese (MCJ) and Deepa (BSc Microbiology) shared the third prize in the item in which 75 students participated.

Talking about the off-stage items, Muhammed Yoonus (BA Economics) got second prize in ‘Kavyakeli’, Muhammed Rasheed (MA Islamic Studies) bagged first prize in Arabic Essay, Short Story and Versification. Fathima Mizha (BCA) and Haris Ameen (MCJ) obtained first prizes in the English story writing and Malayalam essay writing respectively. Abdul Rahman (MA Islamic Studies) and Hamid Unais (Bsc Food Technology) secured first prizes in the Arabic Elocution and English Elocution.

Akhila (Biotechnology) obtained third position in Hindi Elocution. Mufeedha (Microbiology) obtained first prize in Tamil Elocution. Akhil Das and team (Microbiology) secured second prize in Pookalam. Hamid Unais (Bsc Food Technology) and Shahazad Basheer (Bsc Food Technology) bagged second prize in debate competition. The students from Bsc Food Technology Raees and team got third prize for folk dance (Boys).

College chairman Basith extended sincere thanks to all the students for their sincere and dedicated participation in the background and foreground to bring home a fourth position in C Zone.

Jackson sir, the fine arts director is the one to be acknowledged for the continuous success of SAFI in CZone. His systematic work and visionary leadership were instrumental in the success of the team.

SIAS Finishes a Historic Third Place at C-Zone

MOHAMMED ANWAR appreciates the C-Zone winners and the participants.

Hafiz and party, First place, Pooram Kali

Hafiz and party, First place, Pooram Kali

Conducting literary and culture programmes in educational institutions will help to reduce tensions and stresses and it brings forth more love and understanding in an increasingly tensed ambience. School and College festivals are the most beautiful memories often students keep for ever. Creativity of the campus community is always unleashed during these days. The hill of SIAS cherishes with those memories, by creating history more heights: the heights of glory.

In Calicut University C-Zone arts festival held at PSMO college Thirurangadi (Stage items) and at University Campus (Off stage items) on Feb 5-12, this small self-financing college is full of happy achievements with a historic third place by participating in 90 competitions with 120 students.

Not a little thing

“We’ve got third place in three years of participation. It’s not a little thing that the students of this hut reach at an apex of success. This union is proud of it and it has taken initiative to shape the college to fly to great success.” Mr. Abdul Samad, Union Chairman of SIAS expresses his satisfaction. ‘The management has been very supportive; we hope it will give more care for tracing and training talents among the students,” added he.

Fine Arts advisor Jackson sir in the facilitation ceremony.

Fine Arts advisor Jackson sir in the facilitation ceremony.

Mr. Jackson K David, Fine Arts Advisor, is very enthusiastic about the glory peaks the campus has reached. His role has been very vital in organising various competitions on the campus and thus brining out talents in different fields. “Our students have written history. We only aimed at participating in the festival with maximum members in maximum items; our students were performed well and got an overall third place. I remember one of our students, Ms. Divyasree, IV Semester, BSc Biotechnology, who scored 15 points in offstage items. And we couldn’t have made our achievements in drama, without Noushad sir’s efforts. Nasru sir also contributed much. We had had a great team work of many teachers and students. It was wonderful,” he says.

Sabeeh E, Fine Arts Secretary of SIAS, is more than elated to put the campus on the victory stand of the C-Zone festivals. “More than 90 colleges participated in the Malappuram district zonal festival. We have got fifth position in stage items and second place in off-stage items. It’s a historical success and if we give more training to students we can see ourselves on top of the score board in next years”. The

Fine Arts Secretary Sabeeh.

Fine Arts Secretary Sabeeh.

college fine arts programme held on the campus was a good support to participants to reduce stage fright and to lift their confidence, believes Sabeeh. “For conducting such programmes many persons have supported. Jackson Sir helped so much. We are immensely thankful to him. Principal also encouraged students that the SIAS should represent C-Zone with positive attitude and have to excel to find success. And I cannot forget my classmates and friends from other classes. They were instrumental in every day of fine arts programme and C-zone arts festival”, says Sabeeh.

Mr. M. Noushad, Head of MCJ department, says the third position in the district level arts festival is a thing to celebrate. For him, arts festivals are a chance to collect new friends, through directing dramas in English, Hindi and Malayalam, with his colleague Mr. Nasrullah Khan. The dramas by SIAS have been applauded by viewers and judges alike. The English drama, an independent adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s epic play Peer Gynt, won the first place and the best actor for its lead actor Omer Muqtar M Shah, IISemester BBA. The Hindi drama stood third while the Malayalam team got A Grade with the best actress award for Reema Abdulnaser for her brilliant portrayal of a blind grandmother. “Usually, drama teams of various colleges make a lot of funds available and make the costume and settings luxurious with the help of professionals. We spend minimum on such things. Drama is basically actor-oriented; settings and other stuffs are needed to support the theme and the actors. They are secondary, we have got brilliant performers in all three plays. It was awesome to watch them on the stage; we would be equally happy even if the judges didn’t put them in the prize list,” says Noushad.

Reema, Best Actress, Malayalam drama

Reema, Best Actress, Malayalam drama

Pooram Kali was included in the competition list for the first time and the SIAS team, led by Hafiz, IV Semester BA Economics, won a fabulous first prize. The judges of Pooram Kali appreciated the original and zealous presentation of the team.

And more than the prizes, every participants of the arts festival utilized the opportunities to express their talents.  Staffs and students are appreciates each other, and the winners hosted at college with more gifts.         

Stage items

Omar Muqtar, Best Actor, English drama.

Omar Muqtar, Best Actor, English drama.

Pooram Kali, First place : Hafiz and Party

English Drama, First place – Omar Muqtar M Shah and team

English Drama, Best Actor – Omar Muqtar M Shah

Hindi Drama, Third place – Chinnu Paul and Party

Malayalam Drama, Best actress – Reema Abdul Nasar

Offstage items

Rangoli, First place – Athira P (Biotec),

Tamil Versification, Second place – Rejina AK

Tamil Essay, Second place – Rejina AK

English Versification, First place – Zainab Salih

Arabic Story Writing, First place – Muhammed Rasheed

Clay Modelling, Third place – Jasim Khan

Urdu Elocution, Third place – Abdurahiman

Tamil Elocution, Third place – Mufeeda

Malappuram Etches Memories of Youthful Art

ASHWIN KV NAMBOODIRI spends time in different venues of the 53rd Kerala State Youth Festival recently held in Malappuram. Photographs by SHAMNAS RAHMAN. 

she coversMalappuram: Leaving the rhythm and pace of a Pooram of arts, the curtain of Asia’s largest festival of youths fell here at Malappuram. When Kozhikode bagged the overall championship, the 53rd Kerala State School Youth Festival sowed seeds of hope for the next year to be held in Palakkad.

There was an umpteen number of performers: young artists from across the state, all with a zeal to triumph. As usual, many performances were clichéd. However, the seven days from January 14 – January 20, 2013, remain etched as shining and glorious visual feast to the land of Mappilas. The judges as well as the viewers from every nook and corner of the world were eagerly looking for outstanding performances of students from High school and Higher Secondary sections, particularly on 15 newly introduced items ranging from Mushara (Arabic poem recitation in which every competitor has to begin from the last letter of the previous line), dictionary making, Chavittu Naadakam etc. Obviously, Chavittu Nadakam, one of the oldest art forms, was the main highlight. A participation of 16 teams is undoubtedly a good start for this new entry. Almost all teams have put their best possible effort to recreate the charm of this historical art of the Latin Catholic clan.

Responsibility Re-defined:

Today, rules are being rewritten so that it is easy to break them. Here is an example from the main stage of the youth festival where the concept of responsibility is re-defined. Since plastic has become a main threat to our environment, the festival committee declared it waste-free environment, aiming cleanliness. But the message went wrong as it failed to make an effective implementation. At many places, boards were erected with a request to put the waste there. But, in the first day, no baskets or bins were kept beside the boards for the waste. No wonder, the people were in doubt if the organisers have seriously mistaken about the concept of waste disposal.

An important thing that the visitors from other parts of the State noticed was the etiquette of the people in Malappuram, particularly in a moral sense. The whole police force opined that they couldn’t find even a single misbehavior from the part of the Malappuram natives in the visuals captured on hidden cameras. Despite the uncertainties of various kinds, the hospitality of the people was deeply touched by many visitors.

Veils Lifted:

logoWalking through the different exhibitions set in the Kalolsavam venues in this year, one will feel really happy to realise that the veils of Malayalee’s ignorance are slowly being lifted, seeking new paths of enlightenment. Mathrubhumi daily exhibited a huge collection of their archives from their starting era and also paid salutes to their photojournalists by displaying their selected photos based on social issues.

Old is Gold:

A captivating smile of Mr. Beerankutti welcomed the visitors’ attention to his never-ending world of antique collections which ranged from the old Thaliyola and Quran scriptures to Nannangadis and coin collections. Gramaphones and other ancient articles were kept intact for the understanding of the new generation. His love and passion for such ‘originality’ even in his old age is a great inspiration to the visitors.

Innovative Ways of Education:

In this postmodern society with confusing theories and puzzling philosophies, the God’s own country’s Education Department is seeking new ways of thought in order to bring the students to the mainstream discussion platforms where they would feel confident and equipped to face an ever-changing global scenario or knowledge and wisdom. There was an undecorated hall, which simply invited everyone with an attractive board ‘Akathekku Varu’(Come inside). It was a new initiative that gained special attention among an endless number of exhibitions in the venue.

The initiative named Sarga Vedi was coordinated by Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan in support of Vidyarangam Kala Sahithya Vedi. Coordinators Mr. Rajesh and Mr. Somasundaram made it clear that the initiative aims at creating a platform for the students to respond to the happenings in the society through their creative writings as well as drawings. Apart from the objective of improving the creative skills and imaginative ability, the assessment of their creativity is done on five levels to evoke a competitive spirit among the students. The levels are class, school, block, district and state levels. Selected works from the block level competitions were displayed there; it included collections of short stories, poems, articles, essays etc. The coordinators merrily shared the happiness of the victory of the joint venture. It was really beautiful to see those excellent writings with artistic caliber, written by gifted young minds from 1000 panchayats in Kerala, becoming the center of attraction of the hall. The huge collection gave hope to the dawn of a new educated world, free from the darkness of ignorance.

hallEven though Malappuram was dipped in the sea of endless celebrations throughout the festival, we can’t deny the truth that there were several organisational deficiencies regarding the transportation facilities, food distribution and stage programs. Such issues often reduced the punch and flow of the over all festive mood.

However, when the dust is settled, what one remembers is the beauty and grace of those wonderful young artists from across Kerala who proved their talents, though in a cut-throat competition. The spirit often went unhealthy as the innumerable appeals suggested. A festival of hope and hospitality, a mela with unprecedented people’s participation, is now a sweet memory for the people of Malappuram as well as for everyone who witnessed it.